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A New Chapter, A New Bag

As Hard Coffee Company launches a new chapter, we would also like to introduce our new bag design... in Black!

"Look how awesome this bag is with my photo right on the front!" - Cocky

Every New Adventure Deserves A Fresh Look

Along with the many changes we are making at the Hard Coffee Company, we re rolling out a fresh new look to the packaging... back in black! You get the same FRESH ROASTED, TIME TESTED, SUPER CAFFEINATED blend that you know and love, but it comes dressed in its best outfit; a black tux! We also welcome a new bag sponsor to the Hard Coffee Co family: RentRnet! A unique idea of its own, RentRnet offers people the ability to RENT their possessions instead of selling them to pawn, yard sale, or website listings.

Finally, we have new website features rolling out and will continue introducing new stuff every week!

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Many coffee companies claim to have the highest caffeine content. They are OK with an inferior tasting coffee hoping to make up for it with a big kick. Well, we are NOT OK with an inferior tasting coffee, so we took our time, perfected our blend, and produced an incredibly delicious, smooth & balanced artisan coffee that has a higher caffeine content than regular coffees, and it will



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